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Computer Based Training (CBT)

Technology has transformed the delivery of training material, and here at Mark-One-Media we can create interactive content that makes remote learning a pleasure.

CBT can be tailored to any given subject, making it a fantastic alternative media for training, development or information. Being interactive, it gives the user the opportunity to cover given topics at their own pace and, using the chapter guide, they can select certain subjects without the need to always start from the beginning - ideal should you want to revise on specific areas.

Any given CBT module can incorporate a whole range of material including video streaming, graphics, text, data and animations, all of which can be streamed to make a seamless chapter in your module. We can even incorporate test modules which will generate scoring to assess how you are doing. This has proved a huge success where a certain percentage is required as a pass mark – you can keep track of your progress and highlight areas of strength or weakness.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and unlock the power of CBT!